About Julie

     I grew up on a mixed organic farm just outside of the small town of Rapid City, Manitoba. I have always been interested in alternative medicine but I wasn’t sure what part of it I wanted to focus on. A family friend told me about Muscle Activation Techniques™ and the amazing experience she had with it.

     I could not shake my interest in it, so after some research I decided this was something

I had to know more about. Off to Minneapolis I went where I did a nine day introductory course, and fell in love with it. I quickly decided that I needed to take the next step, which meant I was headed off to Denver, Colorado for an internship. After 10 months of flying, schooling and many hours of hard work, I wrote my exam.

     I am pleased to say that I am now a Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist & Can-fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer.